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Bangladesh Resource Center for Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK) is a non-governmental non-profitable development organization. A group of development practitioners, researchers and social workers established BARCIK in 1997. BARCIK has been working in the fields of environment, biodiversity conservation and development with utmost commitment and purpose since its inception.

BARCIK was registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau under the Prime Minister's Office, Government of Bangladesh, to operate foreign funds. However, the organization is involved in exploring and incorporating indigenous knowledge and local practices into contemporary development program. Throughout these years, BARCIK has been promoting and presenting the significance of local and indigenous knowledge in development initiatives as well as in the empowerment process of local and indigenous communities through sustainable application of IK/LK.

BARCIK also facilitates independent research efforts with the participation of natural resource users which outputs are published, disseminated and shared with like-minded organizations and institutions. BARCIK’s mission, vision, goal and objectives are as follow-

Improve quality of life of farmers, fishers, weavers, indigenous peoples and socially marginalized communities through improved access and control over biodiversity, traditional knowledge and natural resources and active participation in processes that affect their livelihood and lives.


  • Facilitating the local organizations and strengthening the capacity of farmers, fishers, weavers, indigenous peoples, socially marginalized communities/organizations to gain/regain control over natural resources;
  • Alliance with like-minded NGOs, academics, researchers in pursuit of share vision with BARCIK.
Establishment & development of Community Resource Centers which provide space for exchanging & sharing of local/indigenous practice, information on development or minimizing external threats jointly.

Goals and Objectives

Empower farmers, fishers, weavers, indigenous peoples and social marginalized communities who have access & control over biodiversity, natural resource and associated local/indigenous knowledge and who manage these resources for sustainable livelihood and actively participate in societal decision making processes affecting their livelihood and their lives.


  • Provide space & resources for exchanging & sharing of LK/IK, innovation, sustainable practices, information by farmers, fishers, weavers, indigenous peoples and socially marginalized communities;
  • Promote community based genetic conservation and improvement of yields in various AEZs (Agro Ecological Zones).
  • Facilitate to organize capacity building/strengthening the farmers, fisher folk, weavers.
  • Support and facilitate socially marginalized communities and indigenous peoples and their respective communities and organizations to promote and protect their rights and privileges;
  • Facilitate the collection of information of Indigenous and local communities both from a perspective of natural resource use as well as the significance of local cultural and traditional perspectives.
  • Identify the key threats to ecology in Bangladesh and facilitate community driven movements on ecological and environmental issues from the perspective of sustainable development.
  • Active alliance with like-minded groups such as civil society organizations, journalists, academics and activists to acknowledge BARCIK's vision, mission, goal and objectives. Thus creating a pressure group to initiate social change from a national perspective.