“Buriganga is the heart of Dhaka city. The socio-economic and culture and diversity of the Dhaka city depend on the water, fishes and environment of the Buriganga River. But today due to lack of awareness and civic responsibility the existence of the River is at stake today. People by throwing waste here and there have accelerated the pollution of the River to some extent.”

The above statement was delivered by the speakers in the event titled ‘Let us stop throwing polythene and wastes in Buriganga’ jointly organized by Buriganag Bachaw Andalon, Paribesh Bachaw Andolon (Poba), BIWTA and BARCIK on 16 June, 2015 at Sadarghat launch terminal in Dhaka. The objective of the campaign activity was to create awareness among people so that along the city authority they too hold responsibility to make the River free from pollution.


Being moderated by Farodus Ahmed Uzzal, program officer of BARCIK the event was presided over by Mihir Biswas, member secretary of Buriganga Bachaw Andolon. The speakers further said, “The lack of awareness among the city dwellers is one of the major causes for the pollution of the River.” They went on saying, “During the rainy season, the water of the river is comparatively clean and healthy. During this time fishes are available in the River. But in the other times, the state of the river is really dirty and polluted. This happens due to we people throw polythene, wastes here and there. Besides, the factory, hospital, manufacture and human wastes are also responsible for polluting the water of the River.”

The speakers said, “If dustbins are put in each launch terminal, on the launch, boats, cargo and around the terminals and people are told and made aware to use the dustbins it would contribute to make the river free from pollution. Therefore, the city corporation authority should take initiative to monitor the terminals every day. This will ensure that there is not waste s left on the lunch and terminals.”

However, the speakers also claimed that the water of the Buriganga gets polluted due to the all launches and boats throw their wastes into the river. If owners of these vehicles have will they could easily take initiative to manage dustbin insides the vehicles and throw the wastes there instead into the river They also urged the government to take initiative protecting other rivers and wetlands of Bangladesh by initiating substantial activities and programs


Among the speakers of the event include joint director (port) of BIWTA Md. Shahidullah, member secretary of Buriganga Bachaw Andolan Mr. Mihir Biswas, Joint secretary of Poba Md. Selim, member Akbor, president of Puraton Dhaka Nargorik Uddog Nazim Uddin, representative of WBBT Trust Ziuar Rahman Litu, Joint secretary of Railway and Marine coordinating committee Sekandar Hayat, Coordinator of Poba Atique Murshed, president of Nungor Suman Shams and representatives of BARCIK Syed Ali Biswas, Jahangir Alam, Silvanus Lamin, Ershad Ali, Mollica Sarker, Shilpi Baidya.