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Work with Us

BARCIK believes that the world could be turned to safer place for human being and all microorganisms if its resources, ecosystems services, biodiversity and climate are properly managed, controlled and treated. However, BARCIK has been working to promote the rights of the natural resource dependent communities over natural resources and thereby ensure the sustainable use and management of the resources, biodiversity since its inception. According to BARCIK, it is the rural and indigenous people whose activities, means of subsistence, livelihood patterns assist in protecting the planet and its very components. However, aim to make it’s believe in reality, BARCIK has been directly and indirectly implementing eco and farmer friendly development initiatives almost throughout the country. BARCIK conducts advocacy, research and publishes publications based on the outputs of its program and research for creating a wider space for advocating the importance and significance of biodiversity and peoples, who manage, conserve and protect this biodiversity through their way of lives and living.

BARCIK also aims by this initiative, to persuade implementing people and environment friendly policies and other regulations that could ensure ecosystem sustainability and rights of people over all natural resources. Thus, BARCIK dreams of environmentally healthy and wealthy world where equal opportunity, equity and justice would prevail by ensuring the sustainable use and management of these resources.

In recent years, BARCIK has earned its reputation as a resource center of indigenous knowledge for its achievement, dedications and commitment to conserve and protect biodiversity through promoting the rights of natural resource dependent communities over natural resources.

However, BARCIK is a non-governmental organization which offers and provides equal opportunity for employer and welcomes applications from all responsible and dedicated citizens of Bangladesh without considering gender, race, religion, color.

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